Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sample letters to your MP

All local MPs can be contacted online here
The following are samples of letters you can send them

Example 1

Dear [local MP],

I am deeply alarmed that the situation in Lebanon continues to deteriorate rapidly.

I am very concerned that the British government is delaying and blocking an immediate ceasefire. By failing to back a call for an immediate ceasefire the British government has reduced the impact of international calls for an immediate halt to the violence. The current policy of the British government is indirectly leading for losses in civilian lives that has reached 750 to date and not the least the 56 women and children killed on 31.07.06 in a Qana shelter.

I ask that you take every opportunity available within the international community to push for an immediate ceasefire as a first step to end the suffering, which worsens each day.

[your name]

Example 2

Dear [local MP],

The bombing of innocent civilians in Lebanon and the ruin of the
country's infrastructure is appalling and must stop immediately. The fact
that Britain is implicated in these war crimes is a cause of shame for all
who live here, and may increase the chances of terrorist attacks in the UK. I
urge you to use your influence to help bring an end to Britain's
involvement in these atrocities. This means calling for the Prime Minister
to campaign unambiguously for a ceasefire, to stop the refuelling of
Israeli military planes on British soil, and to organise safe passage for
the immediate aid (medicines, food etc) for the men, women and children of
Lebanon who have been caught in the cross-fire of this ugly conflict. It
should go without saying that the civilian casualties on the Israeli side
are to be deplored too. A cease-fire will help the innocent people on both
sides of the border.

Given the importance of this issue and the popular mood against the lack of
leadership from Labour, you should consider the fact that how members of
other parties deal with this situation may have a bearing on their chances
of election to all levels of government. The memory of events in
Lebanon will stay long in the minds of the electorate, regardless of their
cultural background.

[your name]